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  • Looking for a decentralised ventilation system that effectively removes moist air and odors, but does so in a cost effective and controlled maner?
  • Looking for an award winning decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery that is easy to install and does not cost much?
  • Looking for a ventilation system for the ventilation of internal bathrooms and toilets?
  • LUNOS offers affordable systems for controlled home ventilation for new buildings and for the renovation, the house and in the multi-storey housing.
  • For planners, craftsmen, traders, clients and users LUNOS provides detailed information and planning tools around the home ventilation and the right products.
  • Ventilate with LUNOS.
Quality with lunos with over 10,000 installations

Our core competence lies in a controlled domestic ventilation. These customized solutions are required! LUNOS ventilation systems create demand controlled, clean and hygienic ventilation of  residential spaces and can guarantee dry and mould-free walls. In addition, they provide significant heating cost savings - with low prices and operating costs, and of course the quality and reliability for which we stand with our name.



Lunos Products

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