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Product Details

Ampatop Aero roof 2.8m

More Details

Triple-layer, extremely tear-proof PP fleece with coating. Wind-proof, and can be taped securely against rain; highly permeable to vapour. Available in widths of 1,5 m and 2,8 m, with and without integrated tape.

  • Printed-on cutting and orientation aid
  • Withstands rain and is windtight
  • Vapour open
so value: 0.04 m
Resistance to water penetration: W1, DIN EN 1928:2001
Weight: 145 g/m2
Fire behaviour: E, EN 13 501-1
Outdoor exposure time: 3 months
Minimum roof slope: 10°
CE marking: EN13859-1:2005-05/2006
Roll dimensions: 50 m x 2.8 m = 140 m2
Pallet details: 24 rolls, 3'360 m2
Processing instructions

Ampatop® Aero wall membrane should be laid onto the existing support structure or shell, taut and without any folds, with the printed side outwards. Both the vertical and the horizontal overlaps should be 10 cm wide and taped down with the integrated tape and Ampacoll® XT, 60 mm, respectively so that it is windproof. Next the counter battens are laid, thus finally fixing the wind proofing to the support structure. Visible staples that are exposed to the weather could lead to leaks, and as such should be avoided. We recommend fixings that are at a minimum galvanized, with stainless steel being preferable. The counter battens are required to secure further work and prevent any possible weather effects (e.g. wind suction or pressure).
Penetrations and connections should be bonded to make them windproof using Ampacoll® BK 535 (if need be pretreat with Ampacoll® Primer or Ampacoll® Connecto) or Ampacoll® Superfix. The connection width should where possible be at least 10cm. If this cannot be done, a mechanical fixing is advisable. In the case of window and external doors, Ampatop® Aero should be made windproof with Ampacoll® XT on the frame. We recommend that the fa├žade cladding is installed as soon as possible. In any event, the cladding must be mounted within three months.
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