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Product Details

Ampatex® DB 90 Purlin connection strip 0.75 x 100m (Pack of 2)

Airtight Membrane - Standard vapour check for all back-ventilated roof and wall constructions. Purlin connection strip 0.75 x 100m (Pack of 2)

More Details

Tear-proof vapour check and airtight layer made of endless thermoset polypropylene fibres nwith polypropylene filling layer (100% polypropylene).

  • Standard for roof and wall constructions
  • Compatible with all conventional heat insulation materials
  • Keeps its shape and is flexible
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Does not attract dust
so value: 23 m
μ value 68’800
Weight: 90 g/m2
Thickness: 0.33 mm
Fire behaviour: E, EN 13501-1
CE marking: EN 13 984:2005-02/2007
Roll dimensions: 100 m x 0.75 m = 75 m2
Pallet details: 25 double rolls, 3’750 m2

Drying capacity and interior climate
Drying capacity is the ability of a construction dry out abnormal moisture in a given period of time. This is particularly important for timber structures, as excessive humidity can lead to mold and thus the destruction of the wood itself. Ampatex® DB 90 prevents the build up of an unpleasant greenhouse type of climate within the building, giving you confidence – both during installation and beyond!

Installation tips
Ampatex® DB 90 is both a vapour check and an air seal. All joints, gaps, overlaps, connections and openings must be hermetically sealed. Surface damage must be sealed. In dry interiors, Ampatex® DB 90 should be used on the warm side of the heat-insulating layer, and in areas where there is an overlap it should be fastened with concealed staples or nails. The smooth, printed side faces into the room and this is the surface onto which the next product should be taped. When laying, make sure that the strips overlap by 10 cm. The overlaps should then be completely covered with the Ampacoll® INT supplied. Ampacoll® DT adhesive tape is useful where the underlying material cannot be nailed. Finally the lining on the inside is fixed in place. Ampacoll® BK 530 or Ampacoll® RA are used for edge connections. Porous or dusty surfaces should be pretreated with Ampacoll® Connecto. Penetrations such as ventilation pipes, conduits, purlins, rafters, etc. should be permanently sealed with Ampacoll® BK 535, 50 mm wide. With porous, dusty or rough surfaces, a pretreatment of Ampacoll® Connecto is also required.
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