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Ampatop Protecta Hollowcore wrap

Tear proof Hollowcore wrap for external/internal use

More Details

Three-ply and highly tear-resistant. Two PP fleece layers separated by a central monolithic film. Can be bonded to give draught-proof, rain-proof barrier. Highly permeable to vapour.

    Withstands driving rain and is resistant to aging
    Printed-on cutting and orientation aid
    Slip-resistant on both sides
    Vapour open
    Monolithic technology
    Ampatop Protecta plus with integrated tape

so value: 0.2 m
Weight: 185 g/m2
Resistance to water penetration: W1, DIN EN 1928:2001
Fire behaviour: E, EN 13 501-1
Outdoor exposure time: 3 months
Minimum roof slope: 10°
CE marking: EN13859-1:2005-05/2006
Roll dimensions: 50 m x 1.5 m = 75 m2
Pallet details: 18 rolls, 1'350 m2

Processing instructions

Ampatop® Protecta should be laid onto the existing support structure or shell, parallel to the eaves, with an overlap of 10 cm. It should then be nailed (with broad-headed nails) or stapled in the overlapping section, with the overlap covering the nails or staples. Tape the overlaps down with Ampacoll® XT 60 mm or with the integrated tape to make them rain-proof and windproof. Rub the adhesive locations in well. Transverse joints should also overlap by 10 cm. These should be taped with Ampacoll® XT 60 mm or Ampacoll® Superfix. Fix cross battens with Ampacoll® ND nail seals or Ampacoll® ND.Band / ND Duo nail seal tape. Connections to gutter beds and the edges of chimneys, dormer windows and other built-in fitments must be permanently glued with Ampacoll® Superfix and mechanically secured. Penetration points such as ventilation shafts, ventilation flues, etc must be sealed with Ampacoll® BK 535 butyl rubber tape. Porous, dusty or fleecy sub-surfaces must be pretreated with a Ampacoll® Primer 531 or Ampacoll® Connecto before applying Ampacoll® BK butyl tapes.

Use cross battens to secure roof liners (against the risk of storm damage) after they have been laid. If the nail sealant or nail seal tape is glued directly onto the liner, the adhesive layer will form an additional seal. Cross battens that are screwed down are better at sealing off the fixing points than those that are nailed down. It will not be possible to apply glue to roof liners or underlays that are damp (let alone wet). Make sure that the correct techniques are used if treading on the roof liner in its untreated state, or protect the roof liner in any areas of heavy traffic (escape exits etc.). A variety of chemicals, wood preservatives and alkaline construction materials may reduce the liner’s resistance to the ingress of water and should be avoided – please ask us if you are in any doubt. You will find further information on the use of our materials on the Internet, at www.ampack.eu. Please also see the «Ampack System Adhesive Technology» page in the current sales price list and on our website.
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