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Product Details

Nail Seals: Ampacoll ND Band

Nail seals for roof and form-work membranes. Prevents ingress of moisture at nail and screw locations. Optimum dimensions, and therefore still visible to side of cross beams. Easy to fit Convenient rolls Seals roof systems

More Details

Nail sealing tape for roof and form-work membranes. Prevents ingress of moisture during construction.  Particularly suitable for flat roof coverings, since the tape acts as a seal.

  • Easy installation
  • Does not absorb water
  • Optimal width – fits any counter batten
  • Ideal for any roof pitch

The protective function of nail sealing
What use is the best roof support, when water can penetrate the screw or nail holes? Ampacoll® ND nail sealing guarantees a waterproof roof support. Twisted counter battens, shrinking wood, extreme alternating cycles of wet and dry, low contact pressure, poor adhesion of the nail in the rafters, mechanical loading from scaffolding or tile trestles, permanent snow coverings – these are all potential sources of damage!

Roll Dimensions: length: 30 m
  width: 60 mm
  thickness: 3 mm
Carton contents: 8 rolls
Pallet details: 18 cartons
Storage time: 2 years
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Outdoor exposure time: 4 months
Temp. withstand range: -30 to +80 °C
Durability: >20 years

Processing instructions

Make a chalk mark with a piece of string for each counter batten and glue the Ampacoll® ND / ND.Band nail seal directly on the roof membrane to form a diamond shape. This ensures the water flows away much better! Then install the counter battens.

Ampack recommends
Counter battens are subject to extreme alternating cycles of wet and dry. For a better seal, screwing the battens on is preferable to nailing.
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