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Product Details

Ampacoll XT60 Double Slit

Window tape - Tear-proof system adhesive tape in 5 different widths. The only adhesive tape for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL use with a long-term history.

More Details

To bond rafters and corner connections, and for Airtight Window connections. Can be plastered over with expanded metal.

  • Diffusion-open carrier
  • Stable form thanks to tear-resistant carrier
  • Maximum adhesive power already from -5 °C
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Can be plastered over
  • 4 months of outdoor weathering
Roll Dimensions: length: 25 m
  width: 60 mm
  thickness: 0.3 mm
Slit: 12 mm and 30 mm
Carton contents: 10 rolls = 250 m1
Pallet details: 28 cartons
Storage time: 2 years
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Working temperature range: above -5 °C
Temp. withstand range: -40 to +100 °C
Durability: >20 years
Outdoor exposure time: 4 months (without mechanical stress)

Processing instructions

1. Window installation
12 mm for the joint between the tape and the window frame, the remainder (18 plus 30) on the reveal - Joining wind seals on the outside of the window frame

2. Corner and angle bonds
30 mm on one side, 30 mm on the other side:

Bonding corners between components in timber construction.
Bonding slab joints in the corner area.
Penetrating rafters, beams and purlins externally (working piece by piece).
Joining wind seals at penetrations.
All corner and angle bonding, both internal and external

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