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Product Details

Ampacoll BKF

Single-layer butyl-rubber adhesive tape. -Asymmetrically-divided liner for quick, clean installation. Slimmer side at the window frame, wider side in the reveal -Optimum width for window insertion -Fleece can be plastered-over

More Details

Single-layer butyl-rubber adhesive tape. Special product for inserting windows into masonry and concrete. Also ideal for the connection between vapour retardants/barriers and masonry.

  • Asymmetrically-divided liner for quick, clean installation. Slimmer side at the window frame, wider side in the reveal
  • Optimum width for window insertion
  • Fleece can be plastered-over
Roll Dimensions: length: 25 m
  width: 80 mm
  thickness: 1 mm
Carton contents: 2 rolls = 50 m1
Pallet details: 40 cartons
Storage time: 2 years
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Working temperature range: above ±0 °C
Temp. withstand range: -40 to +90 °C
Durability: >20 years

Processing instructions

On one side there is a stable fleece that can be plastered over. On the other, the entire surface of the tape consists of butyl rubber, ideal for bonding to rough surfaces. The paper liner is divided asymmetrically, making installation both quick and clean. The narrower side should be positioned against the window, with the wider side against the reveal.
80 mm x 1 mm = matching width: 30 + 30 + 20 mm = left side + seam + right side
Ampacoll® BKF is very easy to form, malleable and vapor tight.
System for sealing windows
Bonding internally: Ampacoll® FE , Ampacoll® F or Ampacoll® BKF
Bonding externally: Ampacoll® XT – Meets the requirement for «the inside to be better sealed than the outside».

Installation of windows in masonry and concrete
Vapor- and air-tight internal bonding in corners without settling, can be worked without cutting
Junctions between timber and masonry (perimeter slab and timber wall, where rafters, beams and purlins penetrate, working piece by piece)
Joining a vapor barrier to walls that are to be plastered later
Rough, dusty or dirty surfaces should be pretreated with Ampacoll® Primer 531 or Ampacoll® Connecto

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