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Product Details

Ampatex Cento 1.5m

More Details

Vapour check with high s D  value. Fleece underlay  made of polypropylene (PP) with a special  membrane made of polyolefin. Easier to lay, thanks  to smoother surface. Incl. 60 m1 Ampacoll INT 60 mm

  • sD value >100 m
  • Very high stability and tear strength
  • Does not shrink or stretch
  • Translucent
  • Recyclable
Roll dimensions: 50 m x 1.5 m = 75 m2
Pallet details: 24 rolls, 1’800 m2
so value: >100 m
Weight: 170 g/m2
Thickness: 0.27 mm
Fire behaviour: E, EN 13 501-1
CE marking: EN 13984:2005-02/2007

Tips for laying
Ampatex® Cento is both vapour check and airtight seal. All seams, crevices, overlaps, joints and penetrations must be made airtight. Any surface damage must be sealed. Ampatex® Cento is used on the dry, internal, warm side of the thermal insulation layer, and invisibly fixed using clips or nails in any overlapping areas. The smooth, printed side must face the room and is used for gluing. When laying, take care that the strips overlap by 10 cm. The overlaps must then be sealed tight, using Ampacoll® INT or Ampacoll® AT adhesive tape. Ampacoll® DT can be used as an aid to installation where nails can not be used on the sub-structure. The cladding on the room side then provides the final element of fixing. Ampacoll® BK 530 or Ampacoll® RA must be used for edge connections. Use Ampacoll® Primer 531 or Ampacoll® Connecto to prime porous or dusty sub-structures. Any penetration points for ventilation/electrical conduits, purlins, spars, etc. must be permanently sealed with 50 cm wide Ampacoll® BK 535. Again, use Ampacoll® Primer 531 or Ampacoll® Connecto to prime porous, dusty or rough sub-structures.
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