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Product Details

Ampatex® LDA 0.02 plus

Vapour check for renovation Roof renovation from the outside without removal of existing insulation

More Details

Field of application: External airtight layer for roof renovations from the outside without removal of
existing insulation

  • Integrated tape on both sides
  • Saves time during installation
  • Cutting and orientation aid
  • Diffusion-open yet airtight
  • Highly Tear resistant
so value:       0.02 m 
a value 10.004m3/(hxm2)
Weight: 175 g/m2
Tear resistance     Longitudinal 350N/5cm Transverse 300N/5cm 
Fire behaviour: E, EN 13501-1
Outdoor exposure time: 1 week (with mechanical fixing)
CE marking: EN 13 984
Roll dimensions: 50 m x 1.5 m = 75 m2                      
Pallet details: 24 rolls, 1800 m2 

Processing instructions

Ampatex® LDA 0.02 plus
is used as the airtight layer in the restoration of the roof while retaining the insulation between the rafters, when the inside space covering is not airtight.
First, the rafters must be fully insulated. Under no circumstances should there be any open cavity between the insulation and top edge of the rafter. Ampatex® LDA 0.02 plus is then laid parallel to the eaves and with the printed side facing the moulder on to the existing support structure, formwork or cavity insulation with 10 cm overlap and then nailed (Breitkopf brand nails) or stapled to cover the overlapping area. Bond the overlaps with integrated tape so that they are airtight. Rub the bonding surface thoroughly. Also overlap butt joints by 10 cm and bond with Ampacoll® Superfix or Ampacoll® XT 60 mm. Joints to inflow sheets and flanging on fireplaces, skylights  and other fixtures etc. must be permanently bonded with Ampacoll® Superfix and fixed mechanically where necessary. Penetrations such as ventilation towers, outlet vents, etc. should be sealed with Ampacoll® BK 535 butyl rubber tape. Porous, dusty and non-woven substrates must be pre-treated with Ampacoll® Connect when  using Ampacoll® BK butyl tapes. Special attention should be paid to the joints of the air-sealing sheet at the eaves and gable end. The sheet must be attached to the underlying components so that it is airtight.
The over-insulation should be installed immediately after laying the Ampatex LDA 0.02 plus in order to avoid condensation. The following rule of thumb can be applied  for the thickness of the over-insulation: it should be about 1∕3 of total insulation  thickness. Please note the country-specific heat engineering standards and specifications of the insulation manufacturers.
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