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Product Details

Ampatex Variano 1,5 m x 50 m

Moisture-variable vapour check and airtight layer made from polyamide and polypropylene. Ideal for use in dry internal work.

More Details

Ampatex Variano 1,5 m x 50 m

Moisture-variable vapour check and airtight layer made from polyamide and polypropylene. Ideal for use in dry internal work. Also suitable for roof renovation from the outside.

  • Ideal sD value spread: 0.4 m - 6.0 m
  • Soft material, easy to process
  • Easy to apply, thanks to the top polyamide layer
  • Two types of applications: internal work and roof  renovation from outside

1,5 m x 50 m = 75 m2 . 32 rolls per pallet = 2'400 m2 
  • sD-Value 0,4 - 6,0 m
  • Watertightness passed (at 2kPa)
  • Weight 140 g/m2
  • Fire class 5.2, VKF
  • Fire behavior E
  • Temperature resistance- 40°C to + 80°C
  • Overlap width 10 cm
  • Natural weathering time to cover immediately

Tear resistance
longitudinal 150 N/5 cm
transverse 150 N/5 cm

Tear elongation
longitudinal ≥ 300 %
transverse ≥ 300 %

Tear resistance (nail shank)
longitudinal 85 N
transverse 95 N

Straightness < 75 mm / 10 m

Processing instructions

Application / construction type


For constructions with existing ventilation or a diffusive external layer (e.g. dry interior finishing)

Roof renovation from outside

For constructions without existing ventilation and a diffusive external layer, e.g. flat roof. Proof of the hygric characteristics and increased processing controls (e.g. blower door test) required

Construction with a constantly high level of air humidity (approx. >  60%), such as indoor swimming pools, saunas, laundries, hotel kitchens.

Tips when laying: Dry interior finishing
Ampatex® Variano is applied as an airtight layer and vapour check for dry interior finishing and positioned on the warm side of the thermal insulation where it is stapled to the construction. Take care when positioning it that the membranes overlap by 10 cm and that the joints are tightly sealed with the enclosed system adhesive strip Ampacoll® INT. Edge connections must be sealed with Ampacoll® BK 530 or Ampacoll® RA. Porous or dusty surfaces must be pre-treated with Ampacoll® Connecto. Penetrations such as ventilation and electric pipes must be permanently sealed with Ampacoll® BK 535.

  • General requirements for the use of Ampatex® Variano:
  • Fully functional airtight level
  • Standard use of living space

In the case of exterior diffusion-resistant building components (e.g. flat roof), moisture-variable vapour checks make heavy demands on the planning side.
Additional requirements for processing with challenging technical implementation such as humidity (e.g. flat roof):
  • Re-drying must not be hindered by panelling.
  • Sufficient insulation thickness, compact and with no voids or spaces.
  • Orientation, position and environment of the building component:
  • Shade, also partial shade, e.g. by trees, solar power systems, nearby buildings and other aspects such as proximity to water as well as positions exposed to the weather are all problematic and must be examined on a case by case basis.
  • Increased processing controls (e.g. blower door test)
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