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Product Details

Ampacoll® RS (10 mm)

More Details

Self-adhesive round cord made from high-quality butyl rubber. Air-tight jointing of precisely-fitted wooden construction components with planed surfaces – e.g. window frames in unit components.

  • For building component connections with uneven surfaces
  • For making connections on highly structured bases
  • Ideal in joist areas
Storage time: 2 years
Storage conditions: cool and dry
Working temperature range: above ±0 °C
Temp. withstand range: -40° to +90 °C
Durability: >20 years
Outdoor exposure time: 3 months
Roll dimensions: 4.75 m x 10 mm
Carton contents: 10 rolls = 47.5 m1
Pallet details: 32 cartons

Processing instructions

Please note, bonding on wet or damp surfaces generally presents a problem. The surface to be repaired must be dry, clean and free of dust and grease. For floors and edge connectors on a highly textured or dirty surface such as concrete or masonry, Ampacoll® Primer 531 or Ampacoll® Connecto must be applied first. The joints to be sealed may not be more than 2/3 of the bead diameter used. This is achieved by leveling out the corresponding part. When sealing the wall element to a concrete floor, the liner can be left on the bead after laying the Ampacoll® RS, 20 mm. This allows the wall element to move to a limited extent during the settling phase.
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